Ayurveda is a combination of two words - "AYU" covers all aspects of life & the word "VEDA" means Knowledge thus forming the essence of Ayurveda - the science of Life.

This science is many centuries old & has been passed on down the generations by the custodians known as the Vaidya's (doctors). The power of this science is as old as mankind & many stories of it's powers can be found in mythology & folklore, some of which maybe hard to believe but still difficult to ignore. It is only in recent times that the true importance of this science has been rediscovered & it is the developed countries which are now looking at reaping the benefits of this valued science.

Ayurveda does not try to solve the medical problems in the short term but goes to the root of the cause & eradicate the same. The diagnosis & treatment are of extreme importance. It is believed that Ayurveda has a cure for almost all diseases but diagnosis & proper treatment are extremely important. Unfortunately, down the years, the Vaidya's have lost their importance & people have opted for short term cures by the modern doctors. When modern medicine fails, a lot of people who know the powers of Ayurveda, resort to this science as the ultimate remedy for their woes & there are a number of such cases from all over the world who have benefitted by this science.

SPL strives to bring a small portion of this science to the common person to live a healthier & better life & to give a better insight into the benefits of this extremely valuable science.

It is common practice to standardise the various extracts, trying to provide the pure phytochemical as a means of controlling & adding value to the common product. While this is true for certain products, we at SPL believe that the natural product was meant to be taken as a whole extract alongwith it's other minor components which may seem insignificant but are important, because that is the way nature intended it to be. The Extract, as we feel, would lose its potency if the major active component was removed and administered as an individual phytochemical.

SPL provides standardised extracts as well as pure natural extracts.